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Our Mission

Dynamic Minds Academy aims to bridge the gap between treatment and education for students with autism spectrum disorder by providing evidence-based practices for personal growth within an optimal learning environment.

Our Vision

Dynamic Minds Academy fills gaps in treatment and education by bridging evidence-based treatments and practices for an optimal learning environment.

The History of Dynamic Minds Academy

The Hope Source (THS) began offering modern and innovative, direct therapeutic services for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in February of 2009. Initial efforts of adding the education component to The Hope Source resulted in strong academic growth and a clarified vision for combining educational and therapeutic services within a single facility. As this initial step, a partnership with Indiana Cyber Charter School (2013 – 2015) allowed the staff to assist students with an online, virtual classroom curriculum; but a lack of local control, curriculum limitations, and organizational issues within Indiana Cyber slowed progress and forced an end to that relationship. In 2016, The Hope Source partnered with Options Charter Schools to provide the virtual classroom component along with an on-site educational liaison. With students enrolled in a public charter school, THS provided therapy services for their students who spent their school and therapy day on THS premises. While each partnership moves student opportunities forward, the full vision remained unfilled.  From there, Dynamic Minds Academy was born.  Read more about the history of Dynamic Minds Academy as told by Julie Gordon, the founder, via this August 2021 article in Special Needs Living Indianapolis Magazine.

Dynamic Minds Academy