Meet the Dragonflies
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Our Administrators

Samantha Bandy, M.S. Ed.

Education Director

Our Coordinators

Josh Wolf

College and Career Coordinator

Andrew Crum

Special Education Coordinator and Reading Specialist

Our Instructional Staff

Tony Snyder

Big’s Resource Teacher

Audra Fowler

Big’s ELA Teacher

Cherish Showtime

Big’s Instructional Assistant

Jackson Berry

Big’s Science Teacher

Michael Smither

Middles Instructional Assistant

Dustin Dimmitt

Big’s Resource Teacher

Tracy Wilson-Stone

Big’s Assistant Teacher

Joel Richardson

Middle’s Instructional Assistant

Emilie Strange, M.S. Ed

Big’s Virtual Spanish Instructor

Jeff Allen

Big’s Social Studies Teacher

Noe Cardona

Middle’s Math and Science Teacher

David Strange

Middle’s ELA and Social Studies Teacher

Jiya Graham

Lead Instructional Assistant

Anthony Washington

Lead Instructional Assistant

Rachel Woodson

Big’s Instructional Assistant

Erin Cordill

Little’s ELA Teacher

Molly Libs

Littles Math Teacher

Dallas Shirley

Building-Wide Instructional Assistant

Brian Martin

Big’s Instructional Assistant

Ja'Kyra Tilford

Big’s Instructional Assistant

Laura Matel

Big’s Math Teacher

Alisha MacMurray

Big’s Instructional Assistant

Valinda Brewer

Big’s Instructional Assistant

Kendra Mehringer

Big’s Instructional Assistant

Our Therapeutic Team

Our Consultants

Julie Gordon, LCSW

Founder of Dynamic Minds Academy

Founder & President of The Hope Source, Inc.

Kevin Davis

Indiana Charters

Our Authorizer

Education One

Education One strives to promote the growth and success of high-achieving charter schools to meet the educational needs of all children. We authorize schools with rigorous academic programs to ensure that all students enrolled in one of our chartered schools will be well prepared for college and career success. We set high standards and expectations for ourselves and our schools to ensure that we create the best learning environment possible and foster student development and growth.

Dynamic Minds Academy