Meet the Dragonflies
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Our Administrators

Samantha Bandy, M.S. Ed.

Education Director

Meca Perkins, M.S. Ed.

Special Education Director

Aaron Wallace, M.S. Ed.

Associate Education Director

Emilie Strange, M.S. Ed

Curriculum Director

Our Instructional Staff

Josh Wolf

Big’s Math Teacher

Tony Snyder

Big’s Math Teacher

Andrew Crum

Functional Academics Teacher, Reading Specialist

Jackson Berry

Big’s Science Teacher

Molly Libs

Functional Academics Teacher

David Strange

Big’s ELA Teacher

Audra Fowler

Big’s ELA Teacher

Dalton Weeks

Big’s Social Studies Teacher

Mandy Soto

Big’s Instructional Assistant

Tiffany Harris

Functional Academics Instructional Assistant

Noe Cardona

Middle’s Math and Science Teacher, Behavior Intervention Specialist

Rakia Bernavil

Middle’s ELA and Social Studies Teacher

Abby Jacobs

Middle’s Lab Teacher

Jiya Graham

Middle’s Instructional Assistant

Erin Cordill

Little’s ELA Teacher

Meghan Sissom

Little’s Math Teacher

Michelle Hankins

Little’s Lab Paraprofessional

Camry Lynem

Little’s Instructional Assistant

LaShawn Reed

Math and Reading Interventionist

Lauren Bangs

Transition Teacher and Special Education Specialist

Our Consultants

Julie Gordon, LCSW

Founder of Dynamic Minds Academy

Founder & President of The Hope Source, Inc.

Kevin Davis

Indiana Charters

Dynamic Minds Academy